I have the following product. (see the pic below) It works fine with websites. I can use both on google and other pages for 2 step verification.

However, I would like to use it to log in to my Windows 10 also. I downloaded the ePass Fido for Windows Hello app for Windows 10. When I try to register my key, the app asks to insert it to USB port, Windows makes the recognition sound but the app does not see the key inserted. So I cannot register it to use it with Windows.


That function is not supported any more, can you try at the document attached and provide to customer.


  • Can be used for LOCAL and Active Directory Account
  • DOES NOT support Shared Environment, AAD Managed Accounts
  • DOES NOT replace the built-in Windows Login. It will exist at the same time as the Feitian Login Tool

FEITIAN Windows Login Tool User Manual

1. Introduction:

FEITIAN windows logon tool provide user to achieve multi-factor authentication to

windows system with FEITIAN FIDO Security Keys. The windows logon tool is an

implementation of Windows Authentication Package and Credential Provider. The

tool can be used for authentication to local accounts and Active Directory

accounts(Not applicable with sharing environment). The following scenario is not


- Azure Active Directory managed accounts

- Active Directory accounts with sharing

In addition, this tool only adds an additional authentication method, the built in

windows authentication will exist with the FEITIAN windows logon at the same time.

FEITIAN Windows Logon tool can be used for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows


2. Using Instruction:

This section introduces the configuration step of FEITIAN Windows Logon tool.

(1) Installation


Download the tool from:


Follow the instruction provided by the installation software.

(2) Configuration

Before configuration, it is recommended to


Select the “FT-Windows-Logon Configuration” app in start menu and enter the

configuration tool with administrator privilege. The configuration wizard is shown



Click next and enter the account provisioning page, choose the accounts for provisioning:


Plug in the key and touch the button. If successful, users will see the following page. Please

record the recovery code since it is the last thing that can be used back up.

3. Feedback:

The current version of FEITIAN Windows Logon Tool is in public preview version. If you have any

feedback about the tool and document, please contact FEITIAN Technical Support from: