K33 Pairing on Info on Mac:

Due to Mac OS restriction, pairing a BLE device can only done with APP. Which means you need to pair K33 using Chrome not Mac OS setting.

VIdeo from Nick:



Or you can also refer to the document: https://download.ftsafe.com/files/FIDO/FIDO_BLE_devices_pairing_with_Windows_or_Mac.pdf


WindowsWindows Build Version 1903+ required

Fingerprint Registration
You will need to register and enroll your fingerprint via USB before Bluetooth can be used for authentication.

Pair K33 security key to PC

Go to Windows Settings/Devices/Bluetooth and other device and then click ‘Add

Bluetooth or other device’ after you enable the Bluetooth for both PC and K33.

Enable the Bluetooth of K33:

long-press the button of K33 on the right side for about 5 seconds until Bluetooth LED

blinks rapidly.

The BLE device paring name should be:

6 digits of characters or FT_6 digits of characters

Follow the pop-up instruction windows for pairing procedures as below:

Once it is done, you can now demo K33 with Microsoft services contactless using Bluetooth.